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Blocket Education – UX/UI Design

Role: UX Research, Prototyping, Usertesting


Blocket is the largest buy and sell site in Sweden, as well as one of the largest online destinations in Sweden. Blocket Utbildning was launched in May 2019 as a marketplace for further education. Blocket Utbildning is a listings site for vocational courses, colleges, universities and other private further education.


Blocket Utbildning wants to help students find their perfect education, with engaging content and helpt educators fill their classrooms.

By building relationships to educators, Blocket mapped out the customer journey and developed insights on the educator's pain points, but lacked of important insights on the users, ie the potential students.


Research methods and tools

  • User Journey Map

  • Interviews

  • Low-fi Prototype

  • Hi-fi Prototype

  • User testing observation


Prototyping and Usertesting

  • User Journey Map

  • Interviews


From our Research:

  • People need to reaffirm their choices with their friends and family

  • People often need guidance in choosing an education

  • The incentive you get as an Alumni for doing a Q&A should be easy to consume and use


From our testing:

  • A Q&A could be a pretty low effort solution to add value to people's experience of Blocket utbildning

  • People want to know more about their education, but they don't want to do it in a real time chat.


Two options to create more value for the user could be:

  • To add a Q&A with Alumni as an easy way to get a different point of view on an education without much effort.


  • Or to add a Chat with Alumni. Blocket giving the opportunity to students connect with Alumni.

User_journey_business_model_Blocket 2
User_journey_business_model_Blocket 22


Commissioned by: Blocket, Stockholm

Collaboration at: Hyper Island, Stockholm

Realisation: 2019

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