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Palimpsest - Audio Walk, UX/UI Design

Role: Projectlead, Art Direction, Design


Together with Nicole Seiler we created an app that allows users to explore locations of choreographic history. Nicole Seiler is a choreographer, in her work, her artistic approach is largely focused on the relationship between image and video. With Palimpsest she wanted to explore the poetic potential of the language of audio-description.



The iterative design process involved research, creating user-journeys, user-flows, wireframing, low-level prototyping, screendesign and developing a unique digital brand.


Next to having almost no budget and an extremely tight time schedule, it was also the first app we designed and helped develop. So the whole process was a learning by doing, not only to teach myself sketch at that time. But also to learn what it means to have an iterative design process due to user testing and prototyping.



Geo-tagged sound compositions allows the users to navigate through guided tours in various cities. Narration and sounds let them experience choreographic events at their closest surroundings. In the physical absence of the dancers, the app-users become the main actors in the choreo­graphy. For the project, we developed an independent identity and designed both app and the entire palette of commu­ni­cations media.

Palimpsest Wireframes
Palimpsest Sketch 1


Concept and commission: Compagnie Nicole Seiler, Lausanne

Collaboration at: Bivgrafik, Zürich

Text: Séverine Skierski

Composition and sound design: Stéphane Vecchione, Lausanne

Programmed by: App3null GmbH, Berlin

Realisation: 2018

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