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Schoolhouse Reitmen – Signage

Role: Account Manager, Art Direction, Design, Execution

In homage to the structures formerly on the areal, the new schoolhouse, with its metal façade and saw-tooth roof, has an industrial vibe. Situated next to the main building with classrooms, kinder­garten and daycare, the second school building houses a
multi-purpose gymnasium with a roof-top playing field as well as music rooms.

     The school classes are distributed on three separate floors of the
flat-roofed building; all can be accessed directly from the ground floor. The stairs to the various tracts are marked using large, isometrically shifted letters. The colourful modelling accen­tuates the 3D-effect
of the letters. In addition, each tract has a designated colour that is echoed in the signage as well as on the floors and lavatories.





Address:  Baden­er­strasse 82, 8952 Schlieren

New build: 2017

Architecture: Graber Pulver Archi­tekten, Zurich/​Bern

Commissioned by: City of Schlieren

Collaboration at: Bivgrafik, Zürich

Photography: Bivgrafik, Zürich

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